About Us

NKY Hemp Plants is a farming co-op made up of trusted farmers in Northern Kentucky, including the Jones Brothers Farms LLC and Northern KY Tobacco Greenhouses and Supplies.

Feminized Mother Plants are Meticulously Cared For

Our greenhouses are full of hemp plants, called mother plants, which we maintain and grow until April when we start cutting. Our crews come in and cut off branches and trim them so every plant that we send out is trimmed, pruned, cut at angle, dipped in hormone and put in a tray by hand.

In the few weeks to month after that, these plants need to be babied because they have no roots. Once these hemp plants have the appropriate level of roots, they go to the field, and then they can be sold.

We Guarantee the Phenotype

Our plants are called clones because they were cut off the mother plant. This results in far less variation in our hemp field than someone who plants by seed.

Female plants produce the flower which is the high potent CBD while males produce pollen. With males, you will have to cut down the males from your field. When you purchase cheap seed, you tend to get 50% male and 50% female. So, if you plant four acres of seed, you're likely to have two acres of waste with the males.

Only Buy Hemp Seeds or Plants From People You Trust

With feminized seed there is still a percentage of male, maybe 4%; but the germination rates can vary, which is why it is important to trust the people that you're buying the seed from (see this article about a $44m lawsuit.) That's usually $1 per seed.

With NKY Hemp Plants, we guarantee the phenotype - they are the same height, size, same phenotype. When you order and pickup from us, you just grab the tray off the truck and plant it in the field. You don't have to buy seed, dirt, trays and labor to get plants up - and risk getting poor quality seed.

We sell to staging greenhouses, extraction facilities, individuals, and farmers. Need a million plants? Contact us for a quote. We ship anywhere in the US.